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Benefits of Biomectric Cards

• Enhanced security with protection.

• Convenient and quick payments.

• No need for PINs/passwords.

• Reduced risk of card fraud.

• Data stored securely on card.

• Higher level of identity verification.

Did you know?


of customers are already familiar with Biometric technology.


of consumers are interested in
using to verify identity or to
make payments


of consumers believe that using
Biometric Technology is more
user friendly


of data breaches are due to poor
password security. Customers find
that Biometric Cards are much
more secure than using passwords

Biometric Cards

Security meets convenience at your fingertips

Tag Biometrics is an innovative, secure, simple to use and very convenient payment method that uses biometric information to verify and authenticate the cardholder’s identity.

Key Bespoke Services

Debit & Prepaid Card Management System / Transaction processing for biometric cards / Seamless integrations with HSM,Switch, Email and SMS gateways / Compliance to the latest VISA and Mastercard requirements for biometric cards / AML & eKYC And much more

Advanced Solutions

Other exciting features and functionalities side by side with Payment: Digital ID & Authentication / Cold Storage

Say goodbye to PIN and hello to biometrics

By using Tag Biometric payment cards, cardholders can easily authenticate themselves for both low and high value contact and contactless transactions without the need to use their card PIN. Furthermore, an extra layer of security (through biometrics) is added, considering that no one is able to use the card in the event of it being lost or stolen.

Full compliance to schemes specifications and readiness for high volume deliveries

Our biometric payment card has been certified by international payment schemes Visa and Mastercard under the latest payment specifications and requirements. Tag has heavily invested in new equipment specifically designed and built for the production and personalisation of biometric cards in high volumes.

Strategic partnerships and alliances

Tag has partnered with market leaders (semiconductors, fingerprint sensors and biometric matching algorithm suppliers) to develop the most innovative and technology driven biometric payment cards and enrolment solutions.

Plastic and Board Cards

Global Manufacturer

Impressive Print Finish

To get in touch with the Tag Systems UK team call +44 (0)1772 431 888 or email