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Metal Card Range:

• Veneer 16 grams
• Mirror Metal 21 grams
• Full Metal 21-28 grams
• Hybrid 16 grams

Edge Printing:

• Foil
• Holographic
• Metallic
• Fluorescent
• Pattern

Card Personalisation Options

At our perso bureau, we offer a wide range of personalised techniques to enhance the appearance and security of payment cards. Our expert team utilizes advanced technologies and processes to ensure precise and efficient personalisation.

1. Thermal/DOD Printing (Flat Print): We employ flat printing to add cardholder names, account details, and other variable data onto the payment cards. This technique ensures crisp and durable flat printing, resulting in professional-looking cards.

2. Embossing: Embossing adds a raised texture to the card surface, providing a tactile element and a premium look. It can be used to personalize cardholder names, account numbers, or other important details.

3. Laser Engraving: Laser engraving offers high precision and durability. It allows us to create intricate designs, patterns, or personalized signatures on the card surface. This technique provides an added layer of security and a sophisticated aesthetic.

4. Indent Perso: is a process of personalising payment cards by physically imprinting information onto the card using raised characters or symbols.

With our comprehensive range of personalisation techniques, we can cater to various design preferences and security requirements. Our dedicated team ensures each card is accurately personalised and meets the highest standards of quality and security. Trust us to deliver personalized payment cards that stand out and offer an exceptional user experience.

Plastic and Board Cards

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