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There are many contactless
options available, for example:

• Watches
• Wristbands
• Keyfobs

Benefits of Contactless:

• Quick and easy to use
• Convenient/Time-saving method
• Reduced risk of loss/theft
• Contactless/Hygienic Method
• Cool/Fashionable
• Stand out from the crowd

Contactless Wearables

Tag Systems UK’s range of Contactless Wearables bring the latest innovation in wearable payments.

You can turn any device or accessory into a payment-ready wearable with a popout contactless card, or choose from a range of coloured wristbands and keyfobs.

• Wearable payment technology is a great way for banks to complement their card services
• Pop-out card:A payment ready pop-out card which can be inserted in chosen carrier
• Customise your watch / accessory
• Current watch / accessory can be used as a payment device
• Coloured wristband: Choose from a range of coloured wristbands
• Stylish range of Keyfobs

Coming soon: We’re also excited to be in development of a new range of easy to connect wearables!

Plastic and Board Cards

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