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Our New ECO Collection
ECO PVC (Degradable PVC)
Alternative PVC
Uncoated Paper Board
Coated Paper Board

Did you know?

ECO PVC is made from 57% salt and 43% crude oil

Tagsystems UK

have been granted official approval for the use of degradable PVC in the production of banking cards by the Majors International Payment Schemes.

Card Manufacturing

Tag Systems UK combine in-house printing and state-of-the-art fulfilment providing a full turnkey solution. Tag Systems UK have both eco waterless lithographic printing and digital printing services producing the same high quality prints, on plastic and board
materials. We manufacture over
5 million cards on a daily basis from large print runs to smaller print-on-demand and offer a full range of personalisation.

ECO Collection

Tagsystems UK have a long history of producing environmentally friendlier products for the retail industry. Our range of paper board card substrates are ideal for eco gift cards and can be enhanced with a range of foils, glitters and flitters.

Board cards are available both coated and uncoated, made from sustainable raw materials, these are the most environmentally friendly products available on the market.

Did you know? We are the longest established board card manufacturer

Tagsystems UK are pleased to have recently launched our new-to-market degradable ECO PVC adding to our paper board substrates offering clients more options when looking for environmentally friendlier options for gift, loyalty and membership and financial card programs.

ECO Gift Cards

ECO PVC offers the same technical properties as standard PVC, both for manufacturing and personalisation and when discarded will degrade in landfill. ECO PVC provides retailers a plastic gift cards option when looking for an eco gift card range.

As an organisation we actively maintain and promote lean manufacturing concepts. We monitor waste and have KPI’s in place to record and reflect how waste is managed.

Recycling is key to our sustainability; we have a recycling policy and currently recycle all of our waste products. We also, where possible, use recyclable products and will help to promote and advise our customers on greener alternatives.

Tagsystems UK has in place ISO certified quality, security and environmental management systems. We also have Fast Forward ethical certification.

These externally audited systems are monitored on a yearly basis but are maintained internally as part of our commitment to these standards and their concepts. This forms a foundation to our daily working ethic.

Tagsystems UK have been granted official approval for the use of degradable PVC in the production of banking cards by the Major International Payment Schemes.

For more information on eco gift cards contact the Tagsystem UK team today


ECO PVC has the same technical properties and physical characteristics as any other PVC, both for manufacturing and personalisation. The final card will have the same look and feel as standard PVC cards.

Tagsystems UK ECO PVC is a PVC film produced with an additive which makes the material degradable. Made of 57% sea salt and 43% crude oil, ECO PVC is less dependent from oil than any other plastic. Production of ECO PVC results in decreased consumption of crude oil, less gross energy and a lower impact on global warming.

The degradation process produces CO2, water and salts. No heavy metals are released during this process.

Alternative PVC

This PVC alternative is made from 100% recycled plastic. Similar characteristics to standard in that it has a comparable temperature resistance and durability and is often used where thermoformability is required

Paper Board

Uncoated Board

Uncoated 740 micron board is a standard paper board used as an alternative to PVC or plastic in card production.
Made from sustainable raw materials uncoated board cards are the most environmentally friendly product on the market, they are 100% bio-degradable, 100% compostable and 100% FSC. Uncoated paper board cards have the rigidity and durability to be used in Gift and Loyalty schemes.

Coated Board

Coated paper board cards have the same characteristics as uncoated board cards with the added application of a laminated layer on to which a range of design and printing techniques can be applied.
The 740 micron a card has the same rigidity of plastic and offers the same snap like feature of PVC. A range of board thickness is available, ask for details.

Plastic and Board Cards

Global Manufacturer

Impressive Print Finish

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