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Gift cards are a staple business marketing tool and a preferred gift of choice for consumers. Working with a capable gift card manufacturer is vital to ensuring the success of your campaign. Tag Systems UK works with retailers and other businesses to ensure their gift cards and accompanying carriers are of the highest quality, while also ensuring the look and feel is appealing to the audience.

We can work with you from initial concept creation, right through to the fulfilment of the cards to the customer. Tag Systems UK offers a full suite of gift card solutions and allows you to pick which services you need our help with whether it be just card production or if you need a full-service vendor. We even offer white-label eCommerce gift card design, order and fulfilment platforms to enable you to reach customers online as well as in-store.

Tag Systems UK customised digital egift solution bridges the gap in retail gift card service models for the ultimate retail consumer & business gift card experience on-line through our proprietary webshop and back end services.

Tag Systems UK manufacture cards on various substrates such as PVC, styrene HIP, PETG, and Eco board . Our team will ensure you have the correct material for your given application.

Adding a special finish over and above a standard printed plastic card can significantly add value to the cards perception as a product to the consumer and therefore has the ability to drive sales of your product over the competition.

The consumer is becoming more demanding in their expectations from gift and loyalty cards; no longer do they want a standard plastic card, instead they are seeking out those which are offering something special and look superior.

Tag Systems UK offer a full range of special finishes from contemporary printing techniques to specialist in-line and off-line finishes.

Tag Systems UK offers shaped cards that are ideal for emphasising a brand design or matching the curvature and design on
other brand materials.

Over the years Tag Systems UK have produced a huge variety of novelty shaped cards including seasonal festive cards and even rounded cards.

Tag Systems UK offer a wide variety of packaging and carrier options. To complete your gift card manufacturing process. Choose from cards on flat carriers to integral hanging pieces, secure packs, shell and slides and gift box options.

Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for a new innovative standout scheme our team can help.

Tag Systems UK issue both open loop and closed loop cards with industry partners via their distribution hubs; Epay, Incomm and Blackhawk Network, producing cards to a specific required standard.

Tag Systems UK offers full service gift card fulfilment;

Bulk order to distribution centre – Tag Systems UK can send orders in bulk to chosen distribution centres

To store – orders can be dispatched direct to store for store call-offs

Bulk to business – B2B orders can be dispatched direct to businesses for corporate bulk ordering

Tag Systems UK fulfil orders online through retailer websites with the Tag Systems UK integrated platform. The award winning technology is available as an IFrame or as a Microsite.

B2C – orders dispatched direct to consumer can be custom designed cards or standard design gift cards.

B2B – corporate orders can be fulfilled online for custom design and standard design gift cards.

Tag Systems UK further amplify its custom card offering with video messaging; consumers are able to add their own image, text and video. The recipient then receives a card containing a card with a QR code which redeems the video message.