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Metal Card Range:

• Veneer 16 grams
• Mirror Metal 21 grams
• Full Metal 21-28 grams
• Hybrid 16 grams

PVC Core:

• 7 Standard Colours Available
• Custom Colour MOQ

Edge Printing:

• Foil
• Holographic
• Metallic
• Fluorescent
• Pattern


• Flat
• Embossing
• Indent
• Laser

Card Manufacturing

Tag Systems UK combine in-house printing and state-of-the-art fulfilment providing a full turnkey solution. Tag Systems UK have both eco waterless lithographic printing and digital printing services producing the same high quality prints, on plastic and board
materials. We manufacture over
5 million cards on a daily basis from large print runs to smaller print-on-demand and offer a full range of personalisation.

Materials & Finishes

Cards are much more than a means of payment. They are an additional marketing tool for card issuers that will help you to deliver the appropriate message to each segment of your customers with a unique and dedicated card design for each of them. Our experienced in-house design team are also available to help you to create distinctive designs that will differentiate your cards from your competitors and will not leave your customers indifferent.

Tag Systems UK manufactures cards with unique characteristics using our deep knowledge in printing techniques and our manufacturing expertise; always delivering cards complying with the highest quality standards and international payment schemes specifications.

• Standard PVC
• R-PVC: Recycled 95%
• R-PVC: Recycled 80%

Our Recycled PVC cards (rPVC) are made of post-manufacturing material coming from different industries. When issuing a card with rPVC, you will be contributing to the reduction of first-use PVC manufacturing.

We have been granted with VISA & MC certifications for cards made of rPVC. MC Sustainable Card Badge is available for different card compositions:

• rPVC 95% card (Made of 95% rPVC).
• rPVC 80% card (Made of 80% rPVC).

• Metal Cards

The latest trend in payment card technology is undoubtedly metal cards. Providing the ultimate luxury, these cards stand out from the crowd. Tag Systems UK produce metal cards enhanced with laser engraved personalisation, allowing card issuing banks to offer customers a truly outstanding product.

Metallic radiance:

Add the radiance of metal to your cards. The card design is printed on top of a metallic foil, the result is a dazzling metallic effect that can cover the whole card or only parts of it. Light bounces off the metallic surface and enhances the visual aspect of the card.


A unique finish of the cards surface simulating the touch of textile or animal skin. Touch sensations are increased when combined with designs representing textile or animals.


Translucent cards offer multiple design and colour possibilities. Cards can be completely translucent or can alternate opaque and translucent areas to increase the light and solid effect on the cards. Translucent cards incorporate a feature to securitize their operability in ATM and POS machine.

Matt & Gloss:

Consists of the printing of a scratch resistant varnish on top of the laminated sheets. Varnish will highlight parts of the design, providing contrast between the varnished and non-varnished areas. Combined with polished or matt lamination, contrasts are truly boosted.

3D effects:

Add some deepness to your cards using the 3D effect. A complex printing technique requiring multilayer designs will create a 3D effect in certain areas of the card. The outcome is a card where selected elements are stylishly coming out from the design.

Special inks:

Inks with metallic particles, variable inks that will change of colour with the movement of the card, fluorescent and phosphorescent ink… many other inks are available we know how to use them to match your design expectations.

Magnetic stripes:

Magnetic stripes are too often neglected in the card designs; add a coloured magnetic stripe to your cards or take advantage of this space by overprinting the magnetic stripe with some information for your customers (web page, phone number…).

Plastic and Board Cards

Global Manufacturer

Impressive Print Finish

To get in touch with the Tag Systems UK team call +44 (0)1772 431 888 or email