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• Materials: Plastic or Board
• Special Finishes
• Bespoke Shapes
• Carriers and Packaging
• Open / Closed Loop
• Fulfilment
• Online Personalisation

Did you know?


Spend more on a gift card than they would on a physical gift. (Source UKGCVA)


Of consumers spend more than the value on the card, adding on top of the average value of the card itself. (Source UKGCVA)

Membership Cards

Give your members something they can show off – a high-quality plastic membership card. You can give your associates a sense of belonging and exclusivity with a card that proudly brandishes their membership details and benefits. You can also personalise the cards with barcodes and magnetic stripes to enable redemptions of benefits with till systems, or you can simply use numbering to identify members.

Plastic or Board Cards

Tagsystems UK manufacture cards on various substrates such as PVC, styrene HIP, PETG, and Eco board . Our team will ensure you have the correct material for your given application.

Plastic and Board Cards

Global Manufacturer

Impressive Print Finish

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