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Money20/20 Amsterdam, the premier global event for the financial services industry, recently concluded in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, leaving attendees with a lasting impression. Tag Systems UK had the pleasure of attending the event and enjoyed a very insightful/productive few days at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

Money20/20 Amsterdam brought together a diverse array of industry leaders, innovators, and professionals, creating the perfect environment for collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing.

For Tag Systems UK, the event provided a valuable opportunity to connect with industry peers, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships. The conference offered an impressive lineup of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, covering a wide range of topics such as payments, fintech innovation, etc. These sessions were not only insightful but also inspired lively discussions amongst attendees.

Tag Systems UK had the privilege of presenting our innovative solutions during scheduled meetings using the Money 20/20 app, engaging with visitors, and demonstrating fintech expertise in the industry.

Networking was a key highlight of Money20/20 Amsterdam. The event provided ample opportunities to connect with industry leaders, experts, and potential clients. From formal networking events to casual encounters during coffee breaks, we had the chance to engage in meaningful conversations and establish valuable connections in the industry.

It was a highly enjoyable and productive experience for Tag Systems UK. The event provided an ideal platform to learn from industry experts, showcase our offerings, and establish meaningful connections. The wealth of knowledge gained and the valuable connections made during the event will undoubtedly fuel our drive for continued innovation and growth in the fintech space.