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Metal Card Range:

• Veneer 16 grams
• Mirror Metal 21 grams
• Full Metal 21-28 grams
• Hybrid 16 grams

PVC Core:

• 7 Standard Colours Available
• Custom Colour MOQ

Edge Printing:

• Foil
• Holographic
• Metallic
• Fluorescent
• Pattern


• Flat
• Embossing
• Indent
• Laser

Pin Delivery

Tag Pin is an innovative solution which provides card Issuers a new, secure and environmentally friendly channel for PIN distribution. With Tag Pin solution, PIN code is delivered by SMS to your customers, enhancing your services and increasing your customers’ satisfaction with an immediate PIN delivery anywhere, anytime, 24/7/365.

PIN distribution

The cardholder applies for the card and provides his mobile phone number. Password is shared between the Card Issuer and the Cardholder.

• Card issuer provides data to Tag Pin solution.
• Cardholder sends a SMS with the password.
• After Cardholder authentication, the PIN code is sent to the registered mobile phone number in an SMS message.
• The cardholder can request the PIN code immediately after receiving his card.


• PCI Compliance: Tag Pin strictly follows the most recent PCI security requirements for electronic PIN distribution
• Enhanced Security: Tag Pin’s use of a completely separate channel for PIN distribution is more secure than traditional postal delivery of PIN mailers
• Integrated Card & PIN: combine Tag Pin with Tag Instant for in branch card issuance with immediate usability


• Cost Savings: Tag Pin represents a significant cost saving over postal delivery
• Service enhancement: Tag Pin delivery is a major enhancement to an issuer’s services
• Immediate PIN: PINS are delivered anywhere, anytime with 24/7/365 availability
• Environmentally Friendly: with a low carbon footprint and paperless PIN distribution
• Security and convenience: providing a better service for cardholders
• Device agnostic: Tag Pin works with any mobile phone
• Increased customer satisfaction with a combined Tag Pin and Tag Instant solution!

Plastic and Board Cards

Global Manufacturer

Impressive Print Finish

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